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    August 24, 2011 0 Comments

    Employee Benefits Consulting and Brokerage Services

    The health care system is increasingly complex and confusing and health care costs continue to rise. Recent economic conditions and legislative changes have only compounded this situation, creating a near perfect storm of benefits and health care related challenges to both HR and Finance departments. Employers need the right strategic partner and advisor to help them manage both their short-term cost control challenges as well as the longer-term issues of health program management, compliance, employee engagement, accountability, health and well-being. EPIC is focused on delivering better outcomes – to both your benefits program and your employees.

    EPIC delivers a unique and innovative hybrid service delivery model, providing the highest quality consulting and brokerage services available in the market. Our comprehensive consulting expertise helps you set and drive the overall strategic direction and financial performance of your program. We also deliver unparalleled service support that relieves much of the day-to-day program management burden and requirements such as vendor management, plan enrollment and administration, employee customer support and communications, and program compliance.

    Our team is keenly focused on building strategic and trusted relationships with our clients – delivering meaningful economic impact and solutions that best meet your needs, strengthen your culture and advance your objectives. If you are looking for a transparent and trusted relationship, characterized by competency, communication, innovation, efficiency, stability and commitment, then EPIC is your answer.

    The EPIC Edge

    We provide holistic benefits program management services that include:

    • Strategic planning and risk management
    • Ongoing program management and plan design
    • Financial analysis, management and monitoring
    • Compliance, legislation and advisory services
    • Benefits technology and administration services
    • Employee communications and education

    Our value-added benefits services include:

    • Proactive care management
    • Wellness and productivity improvement
    • Workplace and long-term care benefits
    • International consulting support

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