The Challenge 

Decreased operating budgets, increased costs, lowered federal reimbursements

In 2005, a large Healthcare System in the Northeast was experiencing the impact of decreased operating budgets, increased costs, and lowered federal reimbursements. As a leading healthcare provider with consistent growth forecasted and treating hundreds of thousands of patients each year, it was imperative that they find ways to save money. For them, a service maintenance program was a step in the right direction.

The Solution

One agreement that costs less and is more flexible

The solution was to partner with Remi to manage a significant amount of equipment through a management program that today covers nearly 2,000 items including, but not limited to, MRI Scanners, X-Ray Units, and Ultrasounds.


In the first year of the Remi partnership, this Healthcare System was able to deliver over $1 million in savings. Thirteen years later, the partnership continues to grow with Remi and they’ve enjoyed more than $9 million in savings compared to other vendor contracts. Given their challenges of shrinking budgets due to increased costs and lowered federal reimbursements, the true success was in finding significant savings, reducing administrative burden, and improving reporting.



Saved in first year



Saved in 13 years


Our Preferred Equipment Maintenance Program provides a unique alternative to the traditional Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and third-party service contracts. By consolidating existing electronic equipment service contracts into one comprehensive program, we reduce the cost of individual OEM arrangements by 10 to 25%.



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