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EPIC and Hanna Brophy Partnered Up On December 9 To Cover Everything Required Under AB 685:
  • AB 685 and Employers’ Reporting Requirements
  • Compliance Related to COVID-19
  • OSHA Citations, Serious Violations and Orders Prohibiting Use (OPU)/Worksite Shut Downs
  • Safety Measure Requirements
  • Employee & Local Public Health Agency Notifications
  • Overlap of SB 1159 and AB 685

If you missed it, play the recording to catch up on everything we discussed! 


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More About Hanna Brophy, California’s Original Workers’ Compensation Defense Firm

Hanna, Brophy, MacLean, McAleer & Jensen, LLP (“Hanna Brophy”) opened in 1943 in San Francisco’s historic Merchant Exchange Building. From the beginning, the practice has been dedicated to representing defendants in workers’ compensation and related cases. Warren Hanna authored the original and most recognized workers’ compensation treatise, The California Law of Employee Injuries and Workers’ Compensation; this treatise is commonly cited as “Hanna.”

Don Brophy expanded the firm’s statewide reputation by flying himself to represent defendants in cities such as Fresno, Sacramento, and Bakersfield. Don’s flight path mapped the direction and future progression of the firm, with many of his stops becoming permanent Hanna Brophy offices.

At the conclusion of World War II, some of the country’s brightest litigators joined the firm after returning from the war. Among them were Bob MacLean, Edward McAleer, and Herbert Jensen. Visit hannabrophy.com


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