Buoyed by a successful launch of its three Houston-based HealthHUBs, CVS has accelerated plans to roll out 1,500 additional locations by the end of 2021 – including 50 this year. The outcomes delivered for targeted chronically ill patients outstripped CVS’s optimistic expectations.

Meanwhile, Haven Healthcare, the Amazon-Berkshire-JPMorgan healthcare disruptor, will be launched by Amazon to its employees in four states and by JPMorgan to its employees in two states. While Haven is trying its best to fly under the radar some details are leaking out.

Viewpoints from Craig Hasday

The focus of Haven is on transparent, easy-to-access healthcare – with low-cost care for participants who are compliant with proper health guidelines. It has been reported that there would be no deductibles and only small cost-sharing; however, members would need to provide evidence of normal or improving biometrics.

Haven has announced that it will not be a for-profit venture but rather a social experiment to see if healthcare can be less costly and less stressful. Good timing, as the Democrats seem to be abandoning Elizabeth Warren’s vision of single-payer since more mainstream Democrats simply don’t think it stands a chance in today’s political environment.

CVS and Haven Healthcare are a glimmer of sunshine coming through the dark healthcare clouds and the skies are lightening. I can see it.

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