Our National Practice Leader for Executive Risk and Cyber, Kelly Geary, will speak about the impact of social movements on diversity initiatives at the 2020 Advisory Conference for professional service firms, including advisors, partners and RSM Alliance members serving middle market clients.

The impact of social movements like #BLM and #MeToo on advancing diversity and inclusion initiatives cannot be denied. Kelly Geary and her co-presenters, Christopher Brammer and Kathleen Haggerty, will consider the impact of social movements, Certified B Corps and Benefit Corps, and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) responsibilities on professional firms’ diversity and inclusion efforts in their breakout session on 10/28 titled, “Impact of Social Movements on Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives”.

The virtual conference runs October 27-29. Learning objectives for participants attending Geary’s breakout session on October 28 include:
  • Gaining a greater understanding of when #BLM and #MeToo social movements began and how they impact firms today
  • Deepening knowledge of how and increased focus on ESG responsibilities and the rise of Certified B Corps and Benefit Corps is impacting professional firms
  • Considering the practical impact of major social movements on diversity and inclusion initiatives within the Accounting industry
  • Grasping the connection between social movements and liability risk, as well as insurance risk transfer

Gain greater awareness of critical issues affecting professional firms today, and walk away with best practices to follow.

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Kelly Geary

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