ALI CLE Webinar July 29

Reputational Risk: Protecting Your Corporate Client in Today’s Global Crises

EPIC Managing Principal Larry Reback will join Nir Kossovsky, M.D., CEO, Steel City Re, in a one-hour webcast to share critical guidance for taking your corporate clients through to the post-COVID-19 world – with their reputations intact.

More About the Virtual Event

Corporations today are under strict scrutiny, and the pandemic has only further raised consumer and shareholder expectations to new levels.  Routine matters in normal times – bonuses, layoffs, recalls, diversity, political commentary, and changes to supply chains – are now associated with reputational risks. Such peril could land a CEO in the witness chair before a Congressional committee, trigger an employee walkout, raise the cost of capital, subject the board to litigation, and find leadership being judged in the courts of public opinion.

With business decisions, finances, reputation, and regulatory compliance increasingly interwoven, opinions and advice rendered by corporate counsel must no longer just consider legal or business risks, but reputational risks as well.  In today’s environment, any in-house or outside counsel must help businesses prepare for or cope with current crises, whether exacerbated by a pandemic or otherwise.

Companies are experiencing unprecedented reputational hurdles right now. Corporate counsel have the unique ability to play an oversight and coordination role and to help close the gap between expectations and reality that lead to significant risks. In this video webcast, the faculty will use current and historic reputational crises examples, from BP to Boeing, to discuss:

  • Key features of reputation crises
  • Current best practices for preemptive reputation risk management
  • Impact mitigation through governance, leadership, controls, and insurance