Team EPIC recently returned from the Worldwide Brokers Network (WBN) Conference in Madrid, Spain. Representing EPIC In attendance were Javier Yturralde, Chairman of WBN Jim Watt, Lauren Golden, Christophe Van Gool, Laura Tesoriero and Jeff McCart.

WBN members, clients, prospects, and insurer partners meet in Global Conferences twice a year to collaborate, learn, and maintain professional and personal relationships. The goal of these events is to promote collaboration, learn new techniques, develop new products and ideas, inform and inspire one another and create better opportunities and service for clients.

WBN’s 61st Global Conference was held in Madrid, the summit of the organization’s 30th-anniversary celebrations. Over 400 participants from 45 nations were in attendance for WBN’s 30th Anniversary, which set an attendance record for the longstanding event. The evening was even more special with the inauguration honor for the Global Conference given to the mayor of Madrid, Jose-Luis Martinez-Almeida.

As the Chairman of the WBN, Jim Watt had the opportunity to present at the BOD dinner through the Gala Dinner, taking time to reflect on the content of several different past speakers and the key takeaways, in particular focusing on the founding members and their vision for the network that was started 30 years ago.

EPIC continues to display a depth of commitment to the organization and the remarkable journey that has taken the network to where it stands today.