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With businesses struggling to regain their footing in 2020, recent cases and new laws make California employers more vulnerable to attack. Join EPIC and Employment Law Veteran Beth Schroeder, Partner at Raines Feldman, for an in depth conversation.

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We discussed increased risk and threats, such as:

  1. Wage and Hour, PAGA and Class Actions:
    • Expenses for remote work?
    • Payment for COVID screening?
  2. Harassment Claims:
    • Claims of gender and racial bias are already on the rise.
  3. Discrimination and Whistleblower Claims:
    • How have you handled layoffs and recalls?
    • Claims of safety in the workplace?
Catch up to protect your company with:
  • Written policies and handbooks
  • Employee practices, manager training and overall compliance methods
  • A review of your applicable insurance coverage
  • Accommodations and support for your remote employees and working parents

Our Speakers:

EPIC executives Wes Carson and Lisa Huscher were joined by Beth Schroeder, partner at Raines Feldman. Read Beth’s Bio

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