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    First and foremost, we are your advocate. Our approach is to work with you to create and maintain a surety program to provide the surety credit needed for your operations and the specialized surety services that only an experienced surety team can provide. The surety environment is dynamic and constantly evolving. The EPIC team has the experience and relationships in the surety marketplace to provide solutions and alternatives to any situations you may encounter in your business.


    The surety companies we work with every day are our partners in providing the bonds that you need. We work with underwriters based upon a foundation of mutual respect that we have earned through our performance. We work together in collaboration to provide solutions to all your surety needs. We have established deep, trusting relationships not only with the local underwriting community, but with the national surety management as well, which provides our clients with the benefits of our influence and firepower when needed. We have earned their respect and confidence through our actions, integrity, and commitment to the surety industry, and further, because our client portfolio is comprised of outstanding, profitable accounts. This has resulted in EPIC becoming a highly-regarded and trusted partner of all major surety companies. We do not sell bonds and they are not an off the shelf pre-wrapped product. Each client is unique and has specific needs and requirements for their operations. This is part of our commitment to the surety industry.

    • Our commitment to you that your request for a surety bond, contract review, consent of surety or inquiry on an unfamiliar owner will be responded to the day it is received.
    • We will keep you informed on the status of any request that may extend past the current business day.
    • Documents will be either delivered by hand, or by next day air. In the event a bond is required to be issued in outlying areas, we can have the bond executed at the local area.
    • Surety companies respect our professionalism and provide us with the internal authority to execute bonds that will typically address 90% of normal surety requirements.
    • We provide surety risk management and review of RFP and RFQ’s for unusual requirements that may pose significant exposure to your company. This can appear in long term warranty or guarantees, performance guarantees such as in solar panels, unreasonable default provisions, damage provisions and unreasonable bond amounts.
    • We routinely address onerous requirements and in many instances we have had success in getting bid specification or contract provisions modified.
    • The EPIC team is first and foremost a service team. Every bid bond, final bond, consent of surety, bond rider, and every license bond is critical. There are no small bonds, there are only the bonds that our client needs.
    • We provide on-going evaluation of surety companies for consistency in underwriting, capacity, ratings, stability and economy of rate. We have access to all major surety companies and have relationships that create a willingness on the part of the underwriters to work with us to attain the desired program at competitive rates.
    • We facilitate interfacing opportunities with CFO and CPA for effective presentation to the surety companies.