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    The world has truly become smaller with respect to where and how business is conducted. With the emergence of new markets, resources and capital in areas of the world that were not previously vital players in the global economy, businesses have increasingly broadened the scope of their activity beyond national and continental boundaries.

    EPIC understands the importance of international business and the global marketplace and has dedicated time and resources to build our own knowledge and capabilities and to partner with international insurance organizations that enable us to further extend our global practices and reach.

    Through our partnership with the Worldwide Broker Network – the largest fully integrated network of independent Property and Casualty and Employee Benefits brokers in the world – EPIC is well positioned to conduct business internationally on behalf of our clients. WBN brokers are located in over 100 countries and have offices in more than 500 cities around the globe. We value our global alliances and believe the resulting collaboration with other outstanding independent brokers worldwide positions EPIC to serve our clients with maximum flexibility, innovation and success.

    Insurance is complicated and is as varied as the risk it is intended to cover. Our international network provides the ability to place coverage for virtually any global exposure via a master insurance program with local policies and responsive local service. Our partnerships give us instant access to insurance experts from nearly every conceivable insurance specialty and current, reliable information on changes in their markets.

    We meet regularly with other broker partners at conferences, meetings and workshops. In addition, we have very strong relationships with the major international underwriters who have the greatest presence and expertise around the world.

    EPIC’s own international resources along with our global partnerships provide comprehensive, effective international insurance services and support, allowing us to “think globally and act locally” in managing and placing international client risks.


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    Henry Shurling
    Executive Director of International Business

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    Javier Yturralde
    Director, Global Solutions