Tackle Competing Interests

A Pattern of Annual Increases is Unsustainable.

Is the current system rigged against you? Of course. Employers and employees want costs to go down, but the carriers, and everyone else in the healthcare supply chain, benefit when costs go up. Since carriers control all of the operational levers, the costs will continue to rise.

It’s Time to Rebuild the Supply Chain.

We help employers rebuild the healthcare supply chain, in their favor. A structure where you have control over the operational levers resulting in lower cost and an improvement in the quality of healthcare delivered to your employees. We make the system work like it was originally intended.

The Result is a High Performance Health Plan.

A High Performance Health Plan (HPHP) is built using an alternative funding methodology, and utilizes transparent advisory, third party administration, PBM, and stop loss contracts. All areas of the HPHP supply chain incorporate best-in-class service partners delivering:

  1. Improved financial performance (savings of 20-40%)
  2. Enhanced benefits (lower deductibles, lower copays)
  3. Higher quality care and improved clinical outcomes

By redesigning the healthcare supply chain using the HPHP model, employers regain control over healthcare spend and measurably improve EBITDA.

Get Started!

Complete the form on this page to receive our questionnaire. With your feedback, we’ll then complete a full assessment of your current healthcare delivery platform. Leveraging basic data, such as Industry, Employee Count, Financing Model, and Renewal Date, for example, we’ll be able to show you how a HPHP will help you regain control of your healthcare spend.

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