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What are some of the questions that employers and their employees are asking about healthcare and benefits right now? Suzannah shares weekly video insights on LinkedIn, focusing on timely topics that are currently impacting our clients.

February Recap:

Employee Retention Tax Credits

If your business experienced a dip in revenue or was forced to pause in 2020, you potentially qualify for Employee Retention Tax Credits. Up to $19,000 per employee is potentially available, and it’s as easy as claiming it on your quarterly tax filing. The rules changed at the end of 2020, so more employers qualify than in the past. David Siegel from Aprio accounting firm shares the details. Watch Now

Surprise Medical Billing

Recent legislation will limit patient liability for surprise out-of-network charges, beginning January 2022. What types of surprise bills are affected and what is the potential impact to employer-sponsored health plans? Watch Now

Increasing Employee Healthcare Savviness

What are easy steps employers can take to provide their employees with tools and resources to more easily navigate the healthcare market? Watch Now

Healthcare Executive Orders

What do President Biden’s recent executive orders on healthcare mean for Employer-sponsored health insurance? Watch Now

The Employer Response to Employee Vaccination

How are other employers approaching employee vaccination—mandates, incentives, education, or a passive approach? The results from EPIC’s Market Pulse Survey provide insight into the most common strategies that employers are adopting. Watch Now

In Case You Missed It:

COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Part 1: Can you require employees to get the vaccine, and should you? Watch Now
  • Part II: How much will the vaccination campaign cost your health plan? Watch Now
  • Part III: Additional vaccination considerations and best practices Watch Now
“Hey Alexa, Please Send Me Some Drugs”

What are Amazon’s new prescription drug offerings and what do they mean for you? Watch Now

Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare annual enrollment runs October 15  – December 17. Are your eligible employees asking you if you should enroll? Don Sheehan, a Medicare expert from AMWins Benefit Group, answers some of the most common Medicare questions we receive from employers and employees this time of year:

  • Part I: Does Medicare open enrollment apply to those members who are actively employed? Are there penalties if they wait to enroll until they’re no longer employed? Is it beneficial to enroll in Medicare while also enrolled in the employer health plan? Watch Now
  • Part II: What impact does Medicare enrollment have on COBRA eligibility and the ability to enroll in and contribute to a Health Savings Account? Watch Now
Tax Saving Strategies

Are you looking for ways to save money and manage cash flow as we approach year end? Check out my two-part series with Meredith Kowal, Tax Partner at Aprio Accounting Firm.

  • Part I: Research & Development Tax Credits 101 – You might be surprised to find out that your company qualifies for these credits. Watch Now
  • Part II: Three Additional Tax Saving Strategies – CARES Act Stimulus Programs, Employee Retraining Tax Credits, Treasury Optimization for Reduction of Credit Card Fees. Watch Now
Paying for PPE

Do you have employees working onsite? If you’re purchasing PPE and cleaning supplies to keep everyone safe, consider this little-known source for paying for those items. Watch Now

Home Office Ergonomics

Are your employees complaining about aches and pains from their home office set-up? Here are 5 ways that employers can help improve their employees’ home office ergonomics. Watch Now

COVID-19 Claims Update
  • Part I: Make sure that the health insurance carriers and  stop loss carriers aren’t trying to build additional “COVID claims uncertainty” factors into your renewal projections. Watch Now
  • Part II: You know that deferred healthcare has meant lower healthcare claims this year. But have you thought about how employees’ deferred care could impact your workers’ compensation claims? Watch Now
Free Mental Health Resources

Your employees are more likely to be experiencing poor mental health right now. You want to help, but budgets are tight. Check out these 3 FREE mental health resources. Watch Now

Pandemic Perks

Looking for creative benefit offerings to keep your employees engaged? We’ve compiled a few ideas that are resonating with our clients and employees. Watch Now