EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants is the premier insurance brokerage firm serving California’s Electrical and Artisan Contractors. During difficult times like this is when we truly make a difference for our clients.

Over $1 Billion in construction premiums. Allow us to use our leverage to your benefit!


Our commitment to the industry has led to unmatched experience and expertise. We help companies grow their bottom line, as an advisor with both insurance market knowledge and alternative risk financing options specific to Electrical and Artisan Contractors.

Loss Control & Safety

We’re proud to be known as a best-in-house loss control and safety partner in the industry. From OSHA Compliance, Safety Training, and Emergency Response, to Safety Consulting with jobsite visits, and ongoing COVID-19 risk considerations, EPIC is committed to your business.

Claims Management

Our in-house team of advocates ensures consistency between insurance coverages and insurance carriers. We minimize claim costs and get injured workers back to work faster.


Our online portal gives you 24/7 access to Safety Training materials, HR resources, and Certificates.

Contract Review

You can also be confident our team carefully reviews your contracts to verify they dovetail with current coverage. If you’re currently only experiencing true advocacy and support at renewal, versus 365 days a year, it’s time to work with EPIC.

Dedicated Teams

Including, Property Casualty, Account Manager, Employee Benefits, and Surety with day-to-day insurance services tailored to your needs.


With a client list of the best in the construction arena, EPIC is one of the largest, most respected brokers in the industry. Let us use our vast market reach to benefit your business!

Real-Time, Actionable Analytics

Ready to see how it works? Send us five years of current valued loss runs and we’ll show you how our claims dashboard, delivered to your inbox monthly, will provide a clear blueprint of your claim trends and insights. It’s real-time data in action, working for you, around the clock.


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Eric Shaw

Sr. Vice President

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Bradford Backlund

Vice President

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