Protecting Workers and Sustaining Profitability

Learn What’s Really at Stake with Regulatory Compliance

Our team of advisors offers a cumulative 150+ years of experience working with local and national business regulations. Reach out for a consultation.

What Is Compliance Coaching?

Our service provides access to current regulatory processes, data, training and updates, keeping you aligned with industry standards throughout the United States.

Contractors have unique and complex compliance and risk management needs. EPIC’s tech-enabled, collaborative support can align OSHA compliance and safety training with your onboarding process. Written programs and safety training can be easily managed and assigned securely on the cloud with documentation built-into the process making compliance confidence possible.

Coaches offer innovative tech support and relevant details on regulatory systems like:

  • Federal OSHA and all 22 State OSHA Plans (including Cal/OSHA)
  • Fleet management (DMV, BIT, DOT & FMCSA)
  • Waste, including hazardous waste, universal waste, and recycling
  • General Contractors, Subcontractors, & Trade Contractors
  • Experience mod (NCCI, WCIRB and all 16 state plans)
  • Human resources (HR) and ERISA

Working with a coach gives you access to the EPIC Risk Management Center. You’ll also get compliance training in written programs, safety training and equipment records. Our team works with you to develop customized, site-specific compliance solutions, while staying focused on your overall business success.


What Is Compliance?

Simply put, it means following the law. While complex federal, state and regional rules for companies may vary, complying with them is not optional.

Codes for safety, working conditions, waste management and more differ from region to region, and the responsibility for abiding these falls on the business owner. Non-compliance with changing worker safety laws, for example, could put employees at risk and result in costly legal trouble.

Fortunately, staying compliant on every project can be straightforward—with a little coaching.

Meet Our Lead Coach

Brian Laney is a risk manager with 20 years of experience. Health & Safety and OSHA Compliance for contractors is his specialty. He is an active member of Associated General Contractors (AGC), Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), the Building Industry Association (BIA), and a popular public speaker on risk management. Brian is always ready to demo EPIC’s technology & resources.