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Every month seems to bring an “awareness” of something important that we must make an effort to support—and the months are speeding by so fast that it’s challenging to keep up!

One of the most foundational and vital of these is National Mental Health Awareness Month, which is coming up in May. 

You’ve likely noticed that many of your team members are stressed. This state of being can have an appreciable impact on their productivity and your company’s ability to serve its customers best.  

How would you feel if we told you we have your back on this in a big way? 

We’re taking most of the burden off your shoulders by giving you a Mental Health Toolkit that is essentially a plug-and-play tool. This turnkey resource can help you reinforce a culture of wellness and compassion that supports your people and your mission.  

Four main aspects of the toolkit include:  
  • Suggested communications calendar and national year-round observances: 
    • From February through October, there are significant dates on the calendar with a mental health-adjacent focus 
    • Supportive resources such as suicide prevention, depression awareness, and women’s and men’s health, to name a few 
  • Weekly email communication templates: 
    • Create whole campaigns with a few clicks of your mouse 
    • Just customize them with your brand, and they’ll look like you put extra effort into it 
  • Mental health tools and resources: access vetted and curated resources to get to the best solutions; we’ve identified the best of the best 
  • A mental health fact sheet with some astounding statistics: knowledge is power, and understanding where we are can help us get to where we want to be 

At EPIC, we’re relentlessly focused on helping our clients integrate their strategic business objectives with their benefits to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and become employers of choice. 

Download the 2024 Mental Health Toolkit today and get a jump start on your workplace Mental Health Awareness Month campaign!  


Foggy brain? Low energy? 

Your diet may be the cause, which is good news! We recommend attending the American Institute for Preventive Medicine’s (AIPM) webinar, which will share groundbreaking research on the gut-brain connection. What often presents as a psychological issue may have a biochemical problem in the gut at its root. This offers so much hope for many, and we’re excited to share it with you. While we’re often encouraged to suppress symptoms, there is hope—supporting the body with gut-healthy foods and lifestyle factors can lead to a person’s flourishing. The 2024 Mental Health Toolkit includes a link to register! 


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Fill out this short form to download your copy of our 2024 Mental Health Toolkit. It’s like a campaign in a box – get started on your company’s Mental Health Awareness Month campaign today!

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