The climate of agribusiness is changing, and it is a priority of all those in the industry to be aware of this evolution to make the best decisions. Our agricultural discipline dates back to the 1860s and is rooted in the Great Central Valley of California where family farming is a tradition passed down from one generation to another. This area is home to over 75,000 individual and corporate farms and ranches on 25 million acres of the world’s most productive soils.

Whether you are tending to a small strawberry patch with a roadside stand, 19,000 acres of almond orchards, or fine Napa Valley grapes, we can provide risk management, insurance, and employee benefit solutions to meet your every need.

What to Expect From EPIC


Vertically integrated growers, packers, processors, and shippers can rely on our network of insurance representatives and custom-designed programs to meet unique domestic and international challenges. No longer do you have to settle for outdated insurance contracts. We are able to support both traditional and alternative wealth management, estate perpetuation and tax sheltering solutions through our select trust partnerships and domestic captive facilities.

We grow with you, applying knowledge and sophistication to meet your changing agricultural insurance needs.

Our Clients


Our clients include growers, farmers, ranchers, suppliers, equipment dealers, harvesters, processors, packers, shippers, distributers, and haulers.

Our Agribusiness team has developed strong, positive relationships with a wide range of top commercial insurers who specialize in writing agribusiness accounts. Our deep understanding of the industry and our involvement in both local and national agribusiness trade groups and associations helps us design innovative, cost-effective risk management and insurance programs that will meet your specific needs and risk management philosophy.

Our Leaders

Chris Moore Headshot
Chris Moore

President, Farm & Ranch

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Jeff Daugherty

Vice President, Business Development – Stockton, CA

Patrick McCaleb Headshot
Patrick McCaleb

Senior Principal – Fresno, CA

Vinny Perricone Headshot
Vinny Perricone

Principal – Irvine, CA

Brian Quinn Headshot
Brian Quinn

Regional President, Pacific Central – San Ramon, CA

Terri Parreira Headshot
Terri Parreira

Managing Principal – Fresno, CA

Marianne Schleicher Headshot
Marianne Schleicher

Principal – San Mateo, CA

Renee Bosley headshot
Renee Bosley

Senior Vice President – Sacramento, CA

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