The nature and extent of risk, governance, emerging legislation, program cost management, and compliance have changed considerably in recent years for public entities. On top of these challenges are the added complexities of campus violence and other emerging exposures of the day that you must identify, understand and manage. Our Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits Consulting teams provide our public entity clients with integrated, comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to meet these challenges. We take time to get to know your organizational and personal needs, as well as your goals and objectives. We become your partner, trusted advisor, and advocate in the process, anticipating opportunities and driving results.

Risk Management and Property & Casualty Insurance

In additional to the standard Property & Casualty coverages, EPIC offers a broad range of risk management and property and casualty insurance services to our public entity clients including:

  • Risk Assessment and Exposure Analysis
  • Coverage Analysis, Program Design and Program Placement
  • Strategic Market Advocacy
  • Loss Mitigation and Management and Claims Advocacy Services
  • Risk Control, Hazard Management and Loss Prevention Services
  • Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning
  • Law Enforcement and Educators Legal Liability
  • Public Officials Bonding
  • Loss Portfolio Transfers
  • Risk Retention Groups
  • Self-insurance Programs
  • Captive Formation and Management

Employee Benefits Consulting

We also offer comprehensive employee benefits consulting for your health and welfare plans. Our services include:

  • Strategic planning and risk management
  • Program management and plan design
  • Financial management and monitoring
  • Compliance, legislation and advisory services
  • Benefits technology and administration services
  • Employee communications and education
  • Wellness & Health Management
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Actuarial Consulting
  • Global Benefits Solutions
  • Executive Benefits
  • Pharmacy Solutions

What to Expect from EPIC

Public entities face challenges that are very different than those of the private sector and it’s important that you select an insurance and risk management partner who understands these differences and has worked effectively with other clients in the public sector. Here are just a few of the areas where proper support is crucial.

  • Annual budgeting consultation to make sure that your insurance program is correctly funded in each annual budget. A shortfall in this area can be devastating, as there is rarely anywhere to go to make up for any unbudgeted or under-budgeted needs.
  • Cyber Liability, Privacy, and Fidelity – since most public sector business is highly visible and accountable to the public, you face a significant reputational, public relations and fiduciary challenge in the event of a security breach. A strong risk management and contingency plan including appropriately structured insurance coverage is critical.
  • Federal, state and local legislation and government regulations are constantly changing and must be closely monitored and assessed to be certain that your insurance and risk management programs remain in compliance.

In today’s dynamic business and legislative environment, EPIC has the answers to all of your insurance, risk management and employee benefits consulting questions. We look forward to sharing these answers with you.

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