The EPIC Psychoanalytic Program improves and simplifies the risk management process for psychoanalysis professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and social workers. Endorsed by three of the largest psychoanalytic associations in the United States (the American Psychoanalytic Association, the American Society of Psychoanalytic Physicians, and the American Academy of Psychodynamic Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis), clients in the EPIC Psychoanalytic Program cover a broad spectrum, from the recent graduate starting a new practice to the more experienced and established Psychoanalysts Groups. We also serve some of the largest Psychoanalyst Institutes in the country.

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We are the largest Managing General Agent (MGA) in this space, accepting business from retail brokers and agents across the country. In addition, we are the nation’s leading provider of medical malpractice insurance for this diverse industry group, with over 1,500 active clients all specializing in the field of psychoanalysis.

Since 1972, The EPIC Psychoanalysts Professional Liability Program has set the standard in terms of both coverage and service for this highly skilled group of professionals, and offers one of the nation’s only medical malpractice programs written on an “occurrence form”.

Our dedicated team includes experienced professionals specializing in professional liability/medical malpractice insurance. Our team acts as both underwriters and broker/advocate for our clients, and thoroughly understands the unique risk management and insurance needs of the psychoanalytic professional, from their business risk exposures to the management and successful resolution of insurance claims.

Our competitive advantage centers not only on our exclusive program, but the service platform built around it, including experienced medical malpractice claims staff, as well as a hotline for loss control questions and advice.

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