Reduce operational and workforce risks at an enterprise-wide level using our comprehensive suite of performance-based solutions. Our process is a distinct departure from the siloed approach commonly practiced in today’s corporate environment; our cross-functional experts integrate across multiple areas and vendors to create holistic solutions that generate risk management and operational efficiencies to increase the resiliency and well-being of your workforce.



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A national specialty solution with industry-agnostic products, we’ve successfully partnered with clients across multiple industries, including:
Health & Wellness
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Our interdisciplinary, minority-led team of leaders in strategy, revenue generation, management, data analytics, and operations management focuses on achieving optimal outcomes.

Workers’ Compensation Solutions

Workers’ Compensation Liabilities Reduction

We combine analytics strategy, claims management and process management to help you achieve actuarial reductions and collateral cost improvements. Our deep understanding and respect of the relationship between risk management and finance comes from knowledge and expertise in the workers’ compensation industry.

Work with our multi-disciplined team of experts as they develop a quantifiable target cost reduction and develop injury management and resolution tactics to optimize cost containment processes and expedite claim closures.

Read about additional details and benefits to this approach in our article.

Human Resources
Hire, re-hire, and onboard process

Training and awareness to establish behavior changes and reduce unsafe acts

Risk Management
Claim management and resolution

Operational response and training for new claims

Actuarial reconciliation and management of collateral

Workers’ Compensation Claims Closure

Using custom claim scoring tools, we identify and resolve the claims that have the greatest opportunity for closure throughout your entire inventory, not just the legacy claims. The results of our efforts are longstanding, as we partner with your third-party carrier (TPA)/carrier to improve claim processes at their root cause to set the foundation for improvements to future claims handling.

  • Our proprietary analytic tools are applied to the entire claim inventory, not just the legacy claims
  • The claim inventory is prioritized by the closure score, where a higher score represents a greater opportunity to mitigate cost and bring the claim to closure
  • Claims present different opportunities; the closure score is calculated based on each claim’s unique profile
  • Frequently recurring opportunities to reduce duration and cost are addressed with the client, third-party administrator (TPA)/carrier and claim partners (i.e., defense counsel) to improve the process at the root cause level to enhance the best practices and future handling

Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Optimization

Our Managed Care Optimization team leverages 60+ years of experience and operational expertise to evaluate your current outcomes and program processes and identify cost reduction opportunities. We combine an analytical review with our deep industry knowledge to evaluate your Managed Care bill review program in three areas:

  • Program Evaluation
  • Gap Analysis
  • Program Measurement

The meaningful, measurable results ensure you receive optimal service with the right services at the agreed upon price.

Contact us today to get an estimate on the savings and return on investment for your organization.

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Profit Protection

Profit Protection solutions are critical to the success of any business operation. Loss, including shrink, waste, damage and spoilage, can have a severe impact on profitability and performance. In fact, the majority of profit-eroding behaviors are the result of operational and administrative errors, internal theft and external theft. These behaviors not only reduce profits but have a negative impact on customer experience, employee morale and employee turnover.

Outsourced Loss Prevention Services
Operational Audits
Safety Program Development and Audits
Business Continuity
Physical Safety & Security Programs
Business Performance Improvement

Employee Training & Awareness

Our Employee Training and Awareness team partners with you to develop customized, targeted training communications and manages the process from strategy through execution. We continuously monitor, measure and adapt the strategy to maximize effectiveness and target areas that have a lasting effect on your culture.

Our team listens to your challenges, assesses existing infrastructure, and collaborates on solutions internally and externally. Then, we deliver relevant content and designs from our in-house creative team via whichever channel you choose. We use your data to develop targeted, relevant and frequent communications to tackle your biggest pains.

Benefits include:

  • 15% average reduction in safety incidents
  • 27% average employee retention rate
  • Increased adoption rate (of programs) by employees
  • Boosted employee morale

Cultural Success Model


Digital Learning
Micro-burst Learning
Videos, Animation
Game Learning
Mobile Learning
Classroom Materials


Manager Talks
Leader Guides
Tracking Tools
Coaching and Reinforcement Cards


Digital Campaigns
Print Campaigns


Data Collection
Learning Management Systems (LMS) Integration


Program Launch
Monthly Participation
Goal Achievement
Special Achievement

Cultural Success Model

Leading the Way

See how our Employee Training & Awareness team is helping to lead the way for their customers. Reach out to see how they can help your business.

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