Our Actuarial Team provides guidance on employee benefits and health and welfare programs to help meet employer financial goals and responsibilities. Our consultants oversee annual benefit plans, budgeting, pricing, and plan design while ensuring employers remain compliant with ACA.



  • Multi-option medical plan cost analysis, including HDHPs
  • Customized plan projections for self-insured and fully-insured programs
  • Employee contribution analysis with a focus on cost control
  • Excise tax modeling


  • Determination of minimum value and affordability under ACA
  • Self-funded feasibility analysis and modeling for fully-insured clients
  • Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) valuation, including summary reports
  • Experience reporting


What to Expect from EPIC


We are here to help with actuarial and financial management needs related to helping solve employer challenges, including:

  • Choosing cost-effective, competitive benefit packages
  • Identifying health plan cost-drivers through data analytics
  • Partial or total replacement of plans with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)
  • Understanding plan performance and impact of plan design changes
  • Underwriting of self-insured health plans
  • Review of carrier renewals for fully-insured plans
  • Premium-equivalent and COBRA rate development
  • Compliance for actuarial and financial aspects of ACA

Our Leaders

Daving Millholland Headshot
Davin Millholland

Chief Actuary – Duluth, GA

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