Our Communications & Engagement team develops effective campaigns that enhance workforce awareness and understanding of benefits. Our consultants partner with employers to implement targeted strategies that drive engagement and positive behavior change, moving employees towards being informed benefit consumers.



  • Multi-Channel Benefit Communications (web, print, mobile, video)
  • Strategic planning and guidance
  • Open Enrollment and ongoing engagement campaigns
  • Benefit enrollment and decision support tools
Learn about our packaged and custom solutions that can help you jumpstart your benefits and human resources (HR) communications campaign.

What to Expect from EPIC


We are here to help with communication needs related to helping solve employer challenges, including:

  • Developing an HR/benefits brand
  • Helping employees become better benefits consumers
  • Driving engagement and long-term behavior change
  • Crafting open enrollment communications
  • Introducing a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)
  • Educating employees on navigating the healthcare landscape
  • Creating strategies for reaching multi-generational workforces

Our Leaders

Alexis Maloney Headshot
Alexis Maloney

Director, Communications & Engagement Operations

Jodi Perry Headshot
Jodi Perry

Director, Communications & Engagement Consulting

Ken O'Quinn Headshot
Ken O'Quinn

Creative Director, Communications & Engagement – Houston, TX

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