Our consultants help you create a strategy around health management that will impact your culture and your team. We establish an environment that aligns your efforts, resources and initiatives to the core of your company culture.

Helping Solve Employer Challenges

EPIC is here to help with workforce wellness and health management needs, including:

  • Lifestyle-focused wellness initiatives to drive long-term behavior change
  • Tobacco cessation program implementation
  • Wellness engagement campaigns
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA), U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and federal regulations guidance
  • Claims data analytics and integration with wellness benchmarks

Our Core Services

  • Wellness program strategy development and guidance
  • Service provider sourcing and management
  • Program financial and incentive recommendations
  • Worksite planning guides and toolkits
  • Survey tools gauging worksite needs, interests & program effectiveness
  • Ongoing wellness campaigns and educational webinars

Way to Wellness Turnkey Employee Engagement

Keep your team engaged with fresh, actionable wellness topics – we’ve got the total wellbeing spectrum covered.

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This Quarter’s Monthly Topics

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Conflict Resolution

EPIC Way to Wellness – October



Healthy Food Access

EPIC Way to Wellness – November



Holiday Financial Fitness

EPIC Way to Wellness – December


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Our Leaders

Erin Milliken Headshot
Erin Milliken

Director, Wellness & Health Management – Houston, TX

Amanda LaPointe Headshot
Amanda LaPointe

Wellness Consultant – New York, NY

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Elle Gbesemete

Wellness Consultant – Concord, FL

Danielle Reyes Headshot
Danielle Reyes

Wellness Associate – Indianapolis, IN

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