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Welcome to Premier Service

Have a question about your personal auto, home, umbrella, or flood insurance coverage?
Your EPIC Premier Service team is here to provide the answer:

Local, Licensed & Experienced:

Your EPIC Premier Service Team is a locally based team of more than a dozen licensed insurance professionals proudly serving clients in New York and New Jersey for decades.

Consistent service experience supported by technology:

Each knowledgeable Premier Service professional uses state- of-the-art technology, enabling real-time access to policies and service history.


What are the benefits of the Premier Service Team?

  • Quicker response times, connected right away
  • Live support, no voicemail messages or telephone tag
  • Direct connection to insurance company
  • Representative has access to historical records

How is billing handled within the Premier Service Center?

  • EPIC strongly encourages paying by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to avoid late payments and policy cancellations.
  • If you don’t participate in EFT, policy invoices will continue to be sent directly from your insurance company. EPIC does not receive copies of policy invoices and will not contact you regarding payments.

What if I have a claims emergency after-hours?

  • When you call the Premier Service number 800-922-8512 , you will be provided with the option of being transferred directly to your insurance company claims team. Request an after-hours return call from a member of the EPIC Premier Service team.

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