We leverage our access to insurance market information and invest significant resources in modeling clients’ risks to provide sound decision support. EPIC uses current, relevant, in-depth information – the same data underwriters use, to keep pricing in check and under control, and to optimize insurance program design.


Our investment in proprietary databases and customizable support tools gives you a competitive advantage with:

  • Stochastic modeling to understand the range of outcomes
  • Advance identification of underwriters’ concerns
  • An internal pricing database to determine program price efficiency
  • Machine learning and Big Data analytics

Service Offerings

  • Enterprise Risk and Limits Analysis: We perform simulation analysis on an ad-hoc basis (casualty risks) and through our finished models (management risk). These models are designed for insurance decision support but can be valuable to the insured for other management purposes.
  • Statements of Actuarial Opinion: Organizations in the insurance industry or industrial companies with large insurance liabilities often require independent valuations for regulators, auditors, and owners. We perform a ‘light’ version of this report in high-risk or short-deadline cases, such as Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Due Diligence.
  • Insurance Pricing: We address the need to quantify risk for the purposes of setting or evaluating a risk transfer price. This may take the form of catastrophe modeling, claims experience analysis, or independent research, but typically takes the form of simulation analysis.

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Patrick Gallagher

Managing Principal - New York, NY

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Managing Principal - San Francisco, CA

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