EPIC works closely with you to develop and maintain the right surety program, one that integrates your overall risk management insurance and financial goals no matter what market fundamentals and underwriting dynamics happen.

We have structured surety programs for many domestic and international companies in an array of fields and industries. We apply a rigorous approach and thorough understanding of this important credit tool to your unique situation to set your business up for success.


Our passion for protecting our clients’ interests drives us to achieve ideal surety program design. We aim to make surety easy and effective with services that include:

  • Evaluation of your operational and financial profile, bond requirements, and workflow
  • Aggressive negotiation with pre-determined market(s)
  • Feedback on existing program and market dynamics
  • Replacing letters of credit with bonds
  • Clear program terms and market expectations
  • Program design, placement and relationship management
  • Bond issuance and web-based bond processing system
  • Efficient delivery of bonds and related documents
  • Attorney-in-fact for surety companies

Specialty Programs by Industry



Construction clients require a dedicated surety broker with trusted relationships with contract surety markets. EPIC has the ability to place bid, performance & payment, and license/permit bonds for all types of contractors, from general contractors (GCs) to trade and specialty. We also perform our own thorough financial and underwriting analysis in order to negotiate the best deal available for our construction surety clients.


Customs brokers who arrange bond placement for their importers through EPIC receive exceptional expertise, highly responsive service, and advanced automation. Our goal is to make your job easier and more efficient, resulting in your increased profitability.

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Surety bonds offer waste haulers and recyclers a cost-effective way to secure their hauling contract obligations and dump fee requirements. EPIC places surety bonds in lieu of letters of credit, freeing up valuable cash resources. Our team is well-versed in waste industry-specific bond requirements and heavily involved in local waste hauler industry associations.


Surety bonds are frequently utilized by financial institutions to fulfill regulatory obligations, and they can be a useful tool to reduce collateral costs and enhance credit capacity. EPIC is well-versed in placing bonds for financial institutions, and we have secured capacity for clients in excess of $4 billion.

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Healthcare organizations have unique surety bond needs. EPIC is the only national broker to maintain personnel dedicated to the healthcare industry, and our extensive knowledge base and sizable book of healthcare clients garners respect and drives results.

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From plugging & abandonment bonds for operators to post-closure bonds for refiners, our staff maintains a close relationship with all large and niche underwriters that support these high-risk obligations. Most forms of financial assurance related to an oil & gas obligation can be covered with a surety bond. Our team has experience in all market conditions and has helped numerous clients minimize costs during restructuring.

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Bond Types

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance and Payment Bonds
  • Contractor License and Permit Bonds
  • Wage and Welfare (Union) Bonds
  • Highway and Street Permit Bonds
  • Release of Mechanic’s Lien Bonds
  • Subdivision Bonds
  • Maintenance/Warranty Bonds
  • Self-Insurer’s Workers’ Compensation Bonds
  • Bonds in Lieu of Insurance Deductibles
  • License and Permit Bonds
  • Tax Bonds
  • Non-Construction Performance Bonds
  • Utility Deposit Bonds
  • Lease Deposit Bonds
  • Court Bonds (Appeal, Replevin, Injunction)
  • Probate Bonds
  • Environmental Bonds
  • Notary Bonds/Notary Errors &Omissions
  • Public Official Bonds
  • Business Service/Dishonesty Bonds
  • Family & Medical Leave Bonds
  • Title Bonds
  • Mortgage Broker Bonds
  • Agribusiness Bonds

What to Expect from EPIC

When you choose EPIC as your surety partner, you gain access to many benefits, including:


Experience negotiating disputes between legal advisors, lenders and trustees in bankruptcies.



Flat organization structure provides the best team for your specific industry needs, regardless of location.


Workflow analysis and development of customized service plan, including experience transitioning sureties for large programs.


Co-surety structuring and financing experience.


We’ve worked with surety companies, chartered accounting firms, construction companies and consulting engineering firms.


Responsive, robust claims process where we provide advice and assistance with design build, BOT, P3, manufacturing and more.


We work collaboratively with our clients and the surety community to provide solutions for all of your surety needs. We have established strong, positive relationships, not only with the local underwriting community but with their national surety leadership teams as well. This provides EPIC clients with the benefits of our credibility and influence, if and when needed.

The EPIC Surety team has earned their respect and confidence because our client portfolio is comprised of outstanding, well run, and profitable accounts. Each client is unique and has specific needs and requirements for their operations. This is part of our commitment to the surety industry.

Our Approach

Our commitment to you is that your request for a surety bond, contract review, consent of surety, or inquiry on an unfamiliar owner will be responded to within 24 hours of when it is received and on a same day basis, whenever possible.

We will keep you informed on the status of any request that may extend past the current business day.

Documents will be either delivered by hand, or by next day air. In the event a bond is required to be issued in outlying areas, we can have the bond executed at the local area.


Surety companies respect our professionalism and provide us with the internal authority to execute bonds that will typically address 90% of normal surety requirements.

The EPIC team is first and foremost a service team. Every bond document request is critical. There are no small bonds; only the bonds that our clients need.


Our Leaders

John Genet Headshot
John Genet

Managing Principal – Atlanta, GA

Jeff Parkhurst Headshot
Jeff Parkhurst

Principal – Concord, CA

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Zach Mendelson

Principal – Pittsburg, PA

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Jarrod Hitt

Senior Vice President – Atlanta, GA

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Robin Amstutz

Senior Vice President – Chicago, IL

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Alicia Grumbles

Surety Manager – Dallas, TX

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Margareta Thorsen

Senior Vice President – Pasadena, CA

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Nick Tan

Surety Manager - San Francisco, CA

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