EPIC’s Pure Barre Insurance Program was designed specifically for U.S. based franchise owners. This custom designed program offers several benefits including: A simplified online enrollment process, immediate rating and enhanced coverages, including liability options up to $5 million per occurrence, non-owned and hired auto coverage, as well as property/inland marine coverage for studio property and equipment. Studios who join our Pure Barre Insurance Program benefit from group purchasing power, group claims protection, and coverage enhancements designed for Fitness Studio Risk.

Six Best Practices We Recommend 

  1. Collect Waivers from All Studio Participants
    Waivers are a key first line of defense when protecting your operation against insurance claims related to injuries sustained during the course of normal studio operations.
  2. Confirm your Studio has the Proper Insurance Coverage in Place
    Remember, not all insurance is created equal. Fitness operations present unique risks that other small businesses can ignore, such as athletic activities, professional instructors, specialized equipment, property improvements, and close interactions between instructors and clients.
  3. Create and Implement an Emergency Response Plan for your Studio
    A participant is injured, a client alleges inappropriate physical contact, a natural disaster hits your area, studio property is stolen, etc. Having an emergency response plan in place – and ensuring your team knows how to deploy it – is key to mitigating the risk when such scenarios occur.
  4. Keep an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) on Site at All Times
    Ensure an AED-trained staff member is present at all times during studio operations. The AED is only useful if a trained staff member is on site to help in the event of an emergency.
  5. Consistently Deliver the Franchisor-Provided Curriculum
    When you stray from the curriculum, you may invite insurance claims that your fitness content was not appropriate for your members.
  6. Enforce the Internal Business Rules and Policies Set by your Management Team
    For example, if your studio requires specialized equipment, ensure your team is complying with manufacturer and franchisor requirements for equipment safety, maintenance, and replacement.
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The EPIC team is part of your team. We speak your language, know your industry, and quickly become integral to your success. Our team has many years of combined experience, including members who have served as in-house risk managers and legal counsel within sports businesses. That experience is put to work for you so that you can focus on operating your business and building winning teams.