During the Great Resignation in late 2021, a record 47 million Americans quit their jobs due to a variety of reasons including burnout, lack of advancement opportunities, and the desire for a better work-life balance. As of early 2022, there were still 11.4 million open jobs.

The Great Resignation changed the landscape, elevating employees’ demands and shifting the way you need to recruit talent.

In an environment where 90% of organizations are trying to fill open positions, the competition for talent is fierce. Forward-thinking insurance strategies can be a powerful differentiator, helping your company demonstrate its commitment to its employees while being managed in a way that covers and controls your operational costs.

That’s where EPIC comes in.

The Power of Employee Benefits in Recruiting

Potential employees are demanding benefits packages that meet their needs in the “new normal” and go beyond the basics. They want a program that not only gives them and their families coverage for their physical health, but they also desire a package that will cover their emotional, financial, and even digital health. EPIC will develop a customized strategy that meets the needs of your employee demographics while managing medical cost inflation and relieving your HR team to focus on employee recruiting and engagement.

Our experienced Employee Benefits team can assist with:

  • Managing escalating pharmacy costs to offer candidates more coverage options
  • Identifying solutions that meet your candidates where they are (remote or hybrid working arrangements, new to the workforce, aging parents, or nearing retirement)
  • Developing professional benefits communications to share with potential employees early in the recruiting process
  • Navigating complex and ever-changing human resource compliance requirements.

EPIC can help you stand out in a crowded space to attract and secure top talent with comprehensive and competitively priced benefits packages. But it doesn’t end there.

The Unsung Hero in Recruiting: Risk Management

How often have you been on Glassdoor or another top recruiting site and read glowing reviews about a company? It’s reported that 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand reputation before applying for a job. While benefits are a contributing factor to a favorable brand reputation, a desirable company culture – one that puts people first – is a must-have to increasing positive employee reviews and aiding in the recruitment process.

When you put strategies in place to proactively protect your employees and reduce injuries, you decrease the likelihood of employees leaving or filing a claim, impacting overall satisfaction and opinion of the company. From carpal tunnel syndrome to broken bones, every company has inherent risk that can be minimized through proper planning.

In a competitive recruitment environment, every review and word of mouth recommendation makes a difference. EPIC can help you gain a competitive advantage through:

  • Onsite evaluations to identify areas of risk
  • Training and awareness programs
  • Employment practices liability risk reduction
  • Workers’ compensation cost containment
  • Claims management and litigation advocacy

Offering forward-thinking benefits packages and risk management strategies increases your chances in the recruiting process. You can rely on EPIC’s knowledgeable team to develop the right solutions to recruit top talent while controlling costs. Contact us to learn more.