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People are bombarded with emails, presentations and advertisements each day – all of which compete with the vital information your company needs to deliver to its employees. It’s critical that your team take an active approach to keep your message from getting lost in the shuffle. Knowing how to effectively and concisely communicate is key in helping your workforce sift through the information overload.

Start with the end in mind

Before you begin drafting any communication, identify the goal and the most important points you want your audience to take away.

Do your homework

Ask questions in advance to understand what your audience wants and needs to know. Put yourself in their shoes and ensure that the content you include is relevant and an important part of the message. Eliminate the fluff!

Keep it simple and organized

The more direct and concise, the better – fewer words are easier to digest. It’s okay to be strategically redundant with important information you want your audience to remember.

Structured typesetting also helps your message:

  • Use bold section headings to categorize your content
  • Use bulleted lists to highlight your key points
  • Avoid using ALL CAPS and different font colors (especially red) in the body of your message

Make it visually interesting

Diagrams, pictures, icons and charts are excellent tools to help support your message as long as they are relevant and provide an important visual reference for your audience. Callout boxes are another effective way to visually draw attention to key points or information.

Remember – plan ahead and start with the end in mind; identify what your audience needs to know, key points they need to remember, and why they should care. These things will help you prepare, design and deliver your message concisely and effectively.

The EPIC Communications & Engagement team works closely with our clients to help make meaningful, engaging employee communications. Check out our recent Viewpoints article about hosting and creating virtual open enrollment presentations and stay tuned for more from us!


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