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Viewpoints from Craig Schmidt

I hope everyone is doing well, is healthy and practicing safe social distancing and hygiene habits. I’m working remotely with my two pups for the next couple of weeks to do my part in controlling this pandemic. Who would have thought this would escalate so rapidly?

Concerning to me is the fact that we’re being bombarded daily with info about coronavirus (COVID-19) right now

– some of it good, some of it not – and no doubt the escalating level of mass hysteria is due in part to misinformation and fear of the unknown. As a health education and promotion professional, I feel obligated to help the public pass along reliable information and to help employers contribute to an accurate and educated narrative.

Refer to creditable sources (and encourage employees to follow suit) such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) coronavirus page which has updated, relevant and reputable information on how COVID-19 is impacting the United States, including materials to help you communicate to your employees and community. The World Health Organization (WHO) also has up-to-date statistics and support material about COVID-19 including a “myth busters” page, and EPIC will continue to compile valuable and creditable content for employers on our coronavirus webpage and through our coronavirus-related EPIC Insights posts.

Take a closer look at non-evidence-based or opinion posts about COVID-19 before sharing them.

Some media and news outlets are doing enough to spread misinformation, so take it upon yourself to verify you’re sharing reputable information from credentialed authors and affiliations. Sites ending in .gov and .edu are typically credible resources as are most .org sites but check for cited sources. Encourage employees to apply these practices in their communities – the more correct information out on social media the better.

Good information is vital to success right now.

For the foreseeable future, the EPIC Wellness & Health Management practice will be sharing ways to support the social, physical and community wellbeing of your workforce during these changing times. Stay tuned.

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