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The employee benefits compliance landscape is in a state of constant change. We believe that timely, accurate communication regarding impactful changes – and the resulting requirements, exposures and opportunities – is a chief responsibility for all employee benefits brokers, consultants and professional advisors.


2022 Compliance Series Webinars

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We’ll hold a new webinar in the series every other month in 2022, starting in January. Special compliance webinars will be added as more urgent topics arise.


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May 19 | Overview of State Laws Impacting Employee Benefits

Get an overview of some of the most relevant state laws that benefit advisors and employers need to understand. Keeping track of the myriad of state laws can be a full-time job in itself but many state laws are employment law-related and outside the scope of employee benefits. We cover laws that directly affect employer-sponsored benefits plans.

March 17 | Regulatory and Legislative Update

Learn about significant regulatory updates in the first quarter of 2022, including new requirements surrounding health plan transparency, surprise billing and other important regulatory news that impacts employee benefits plans.

January 20 | Mid-Year Election Changes: HIPAA Special Enrollment & Section 125

We walk through regulatory requirements for Section 125 election changes and HIPAA special enrollments, focusing on how these events differ or overlap; cover language required in an employer’s cafeteria plan document to permit mid-year election changes under Section 125; explain why communication with carriers and stop-loss vendors is important for administering these types of changes.


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