In June, EPIC assembled a wildfire panel in Napa, California with the financial resiliency of wineries as the focus of our presentation. The panel discussed the urgency to re-imagine California’s approach to wildfire risk through technology, public/private collaboration, and advanced mitigation.

Wildfire Symposium

Dealing with the threat of wildfires-which continue to increase in complexity, frequency, and magnitude-require a collaborative and innovative solution [Humans are the most significant contributing factor to wildfire ignitions, causing around 87 percent of all wildfires nationally every year. Most of these fires can be prevented. Preventable wildfires threaten lives, property, and our precious natural resources (source)].

As a company, we have elected to expand the typical role of the insurance broker and “lean in” to this increasingly complex issue. On June 24, 2022, EPIC brought together members of our Galway network of companies, along with several industry experts, for a wildfire symposium and panel discussion in Napa, California.

The symposium was organized in response to the pressing need to expand the focus from traditional approaches of wildfire prevention and suppression to include a more comprehensive, sophisticated array of methods, including early detection, mitigation, resiliency, and survivability. The diverse panel and speakers included representatives from the following leading organizations:

  • Napa Communities Firewise Foundation (NCFF): a local nonprofit organization with a mission to use community education and fire fuel reduction to reduce the risks and impacts of wildfires in Napa County, California.
  • Trinchero Family Estates: a family-owned and operated Napa Valley winery with more than 50 world-leading wine and spirits brands sold in nearly 50 countries.
  • FortressFire: a tech startup that uses machine learning and satellite data to create an Assess, Monitor, Protect (AMP) platform to help property owners and insurers make properties safer from wildfire.
  • PURE Insurance: a leading insurance company that offers wildfire mitigation programs to reduce or prevent wildfire loss.
  • Paragon WineRe: a leading specialty insurer dedicated to premium winemaking operations. Paragon’s WineRe program has been insuring wineries and providing loss control and claims advocacy to premium winemakers for over 30 years.
  • EPIC Winery & Vineyard Team: a dedicated team of professionals experienced in the nuances that make the risk management of winery & vineyard locations unique and challenging.
  • waveGUARDTM: the world’s only patented, advanced engineered, fully autonomous, exterior wildfire spray system specifically for wildfire protection of homes and property.
What’s Next?

The robust discussion underscored the need for continuing the conversation surrounding wildfire solutions. As environmental issues continue to prevail locally, nationally [YTD 1/1-9/15/22 Fires: 50,691 Acres:6.717M (source)] and globally, we are committed to using our diversified platform to leverage our tools & resources to source effective solutions.

EPIC’s Winery Practice

Successfully managing risk by identifying and controlling potential sources of loss is the most effective way to protect your winery and reduce its insurance costs. Dedicated EPIC safety and claims consultants set us apart and are essential to this strategy.

We deliver comprehensive, cost-effective, leading-edge products and services from the world’s top insurance companies and specialty carriers. We know our business and yours, which allows us to represent you intelligently and aggressively in the marketplace.

If your winery or vineyard has been affected by recent wildfires, contact our Wine Practice’s Response Team.

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Michael McNulty

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Faced with a changing climate and a seemingly unending series of natural disasters, California wineries must contend with a complex variety of human, economic, and natural threats to their survivability and sustainability. Addressing these challenges in a nimble and creative way is why we created the EPIC Winery Practice.

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