Warren Transitions from the DOD SkillBridge Program to a Full-Time Claims Assistant

The DoD (Department of Defense) SkillBridge program, EPIC’s new talent acquisition initiative, has been an exciting dive into working with military service members seeking to enter the civilian workforce. We are grateful and proud to be the only insurance brokerage currently participating in the program, and the talent pool is impressive. The most impactful stories come from those in our program; please enjoy Chase’s story, our second SkillBridger to join EPIC as a full-time employee.

Chase Warren is a 20-year retired Air Force veteran. He began his journey as a firefighter, holding many leadership positions throughout his career. He spent the last four years of his military career working on his degree in Human Resources and helping others realize their dream of military service in his role as a Recruiter for the United States Air Force.

Chase is now a Claims Assistant at EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants. His years of experience working in highly detailed and high-urgency roles with the military allows Chase to collaborate with his Claims team at EPIC to provide excellent service in all aspects of the role. Chase is directly responsible for many aspects of claims service, including analyzing loss scenarios, reporting claims to carriers, and securing claim status updates for claims analysis, leading to Claim Review presentations. Excellent communication and organization are key to acting as a liaison between clients, claims adjusters, defense attorneys, and vendors. Chase will be instrumental in managing claims communication and updates with all parties involved. Eager to learn, Chase will remain fully compliant with the laws, regulations, and program development for EPIC clients.

Chase resides in Rockledge, Florida. He is a devoted husband to his wife, Lori, and a dedicated father to their two sons. He loves all sports, including surfing, bowling, and softball.

Sergio Vera is Chase’s manager, and he reports, “Chase is a great addition to our team! While he does not have a background in insurance, he comes to us with much life experience and skills that have helped him succeed in the Air Force and in his short time with us so far. When I work with Chase, what shines brightest is his proactive communication, resourcefulness, inquisitiveness, and overall helpful nature. He reaches out to others to find ways to provide support and doesn’t shy away from new things. I am excited for his future with EPIC and grateful that we can work with and meet veterans like Chase through the SkillBridge program.”

For anyone who has ever microwaved a dinner instead of cooking from scratch, you know the work involved in the latter is much more substantial. Starting a new program from scratch at a corporation takes many hands, and the process feels like pushing a boulder uphill. The achievement of our second hire may seem small, but to partner with the Department of Defense, screen, train, and work with active-duty military members while they are still serving our country is no small feat. We must be innovative, flexible, and open to doing what we can to acclimate these military professionals to the insurance world, so that employment with EPIC will be their first choice upon leaving the military. The thanks also goes to the early adopters—those managers who can “Think Big” and say “Yes, I support this initiative; how can I help?” These managers truly push the values of EPIC, and we are grateful for the partnership you have shown. We appreciate Sergio Vera, Jiyun Yuh and the entire Risk Solutions Group for shepherding the way.

Cheers to the second successful hire and many more. Thank you, Chase, for sharing your story and once again, welcome to EPIC.

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