Mensah Transitions from the DOD SkillBridge Program to a Full-Time Client Coordinator

Developing our SkillBridge program has been an adventure. Beginning with the approval from the Department of Defense, building this program has been an exciting and fun journey for the team involved. The most impactful stories of how we are making a difference come from those in our program. Please enjoy Henrietta’s story, our first SkillBridger who has now joined EPIC as a full-time employee!

Henrietta Adu Mensah, Client Coordinator

“I began my SkillBridge program with EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants in July 2023, and it was an absolute pleasure to be included as a member of the West Region Office in Dallas until the end of September 2023. The employees were immensely friendly, supportive, customer service-oriented, caring, and honest.

My eight weeks with this team was more than a simple program; it was an opportunity for me to prove myself as a reputable employee, a reliable coworker, and a motivated Soldier. It was also an opportunity to get back into civilian life. I have gained a better understanding of the Commercial Insurance industry, a new sense of professionalism, and a clearer view of what it means to be in the professional world.

The empowerment I received in my internship was one of the most rewarding. My managers trusted me with projects and relied on me to get them done immediately and effectively. In addition, my coworkers trusted me and my abilities to assist them with the miscellaneous work they passed across my desk. It felt like I was truly valued more as a coworker and not a mere intern.

In summary, I am humbled and thankful to all my coworkers at EPIC for allowing me to develop personally and professionally. They welcomed me immediately as part of the family and created an exceptional experience I will never forget. I am so happy to announce that I am now a Client Coordinator at EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants.”

When Steve Denton announced this program early in 2023, we were not entirely sure of what it would end up looking like.

Starting a new program from scratch at a corporation takes a lot of hands, and the process feels like pushing a boulder uphill. The achievement of our official first hire may seem small, but the work that went into it beforehand is remarkable. Without Barbara Kogen driving the train, Deepa Neupane creating the robust training program, Alonte Abrams, Joanne Hirzel, and Chris Larbi wrangling the considerable burden of administration that comes from dealing with the military, we wouldn’t be sharing Henrietta’s story. A big kudos also goes to the early adopters, those managers who can “Think Big” and say yes, I support this initiative, how can I help? Those are Stephen Adkins, Brianne Head, KJ Wagner, Michelle Dickinson, Kelly Geary, and Jiyun Yuh. These managers truly push the values of EPIC, and we are grateful for the partnership you have shown. To share a quote from Steve Denton:

“I am proud to welcome Henrietta as our first full-time SkillBridge hire. EPIC is proud to have you here and wishes you a long successful career with us. I also want to thank Michelle Dickinson for being the first hiring manager to support this new program. This is a great example of how Thinking Big can have great results.”

Cheers to the first successful hire and many more. Thank you, Henrietta, for sharing your story.

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