EPIC and Youth About Business Partner for a Third Year to Provide Growth and Collaboration

We are pleased that we have started our 2023 Internships with Youth About Business (YAB) students. As we start the third year of our partnership with YAB, we have eleven interns working in as many departments. These departments include underwriting analysis, employee benefits, actuarial, financial services, marketing, information technology, cosmetic insurance services, and cybersecurity insurance. Our teams are excited to have these bright, eager students join our teams for the summer to collaborate, continue their learning, and contribute to our own growth and learning.

The students join us from some of the top universities around the country, including the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California, Howard University, the University of Texas, and the University of Cincinnati, to name a few. This internship allows these students to gain valuable experience to add to their repertoire of skills and potentially lead them to a career in the insurance industry. We appreciate the opportunity to work with these students and the potential to have them join EPIC.

EPIC and our employees have been actively involved with Youth About Business (YAB) for many years on multiple levels. At the end of 2020, EPIC and Youth About Business agreed that EPIC would become the corporate sponsor of the organization.

Our Corporate Partnership with YAB includes Board Roles, Multiple EPIC volunteers around the country coach and mentor students in a Risk Management Camp where students are assigned a company and must identify, mitigate, treat, and monitor risks. The outcome of these camps has been incredibly rewarding for all involved.

Here’s to another successful summer internship program in partnership with YAB and EPIC.


Social Post 2023 YAB Summer Program
2023 YAB Summer Program

About YAB

The mission of Youth About Business (YAB) is to expose youth to the business world through our experiential learning model, fostering the development of business literacy and leadership skills necessary to be more successful in school and life. We teach students about the world of business one merger and acquisition at a time. High school students from underserved and diverse backgrounds are rarely allowed to learn about and pursue a business career. Students who participate in YAB’s programs boast a 98 percent high school graduation rate with many pursuing degrees at two- and four-year colleges, compared to a rate of 68 percent in some areas of the country. YAB enables high school students to gain access to positive role models in the world of business, risk management, and finance. As a result, YAB’s students escape the cycle of “hopelessness” that occurs far too often in communities across America. In addition, our alumni help companies build healthy pipelines of diverse talent who can transition seamlessly from student to corporate culture with a deep understanding of business and finance.