Edgewood Partners Insurance Center, which operates as EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants (EPIC), announced today that Frenkel & Company, acquired by EPIC in November 2017, has completed their adoption of the EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants name and brand.

Frenkel Benefits – an EPIC Company, one of the top 20 largest insurance firms in the New York City area, was acquired by EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants in 2017. The FrenkelySpeaking blog began in 2011 and has been bringing our subscribers relevant insurance industry news and opinion every week.

The Frenkel & Company and Frenkel Benefits names will be retired for all Frenkel operations with the exception of Frenkel International which will operate as a specialty division of EPIC. Since joining with EPIC in 2017, Frenkel’s associates and practice areas have become integrated into the EPIC business and significantly expanded EPIC’s Northeast footprint in risk management, property and casualty insurance, international client services, employee benefits consulting, program solutions and private client services.

Said John Kelly, formerly CEO of Frenkel & Company and now EPIC New York’s CEO, “Frenkel’s decision to join EPIC has helped us deliver an expansive new set of capabilities to our clients, with the same commitment to service delivery that has been a hallmark of our firm.”

Steve Denton, President of EPIC Holdings Inc. noted, “Throughout the past two years we have had the opportunity to integrate our teams, culture and businesses and are proud to now be able to present this unification across the risk management and employee benefits community together as one EPIC. The Frenkel team and capabilities rapidly became ingrained in the EPIC organization and we are excited to kick off 2020 with their full transition to EPIC.”