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A few years ago, global healthcare may not have been on your radar. Now, to be an employer of choice and retain top talent, your world has gotten appreciably larger. More than a few members of your workforce are spread to the wind, or at least across international borders.

Whether you have ex-pats in offices abroad, employ in-pats here in the U.S., or have remote workers who have taken the opportunity to move to Lisbon, Quebec City or Timbuktu, your employee benefits need an integrated approach and a global support network to keep up.

Trust us on this.

We speak your language and theirs, too.

Benefits professionals don’t have to struggle to level up if they have a knowledgeable and globally connected partner working to support their best interests.

You’re competing for top talent that knows no borders. Still, benefits professionals are finding that their tried-and-true benefits strategy, which has served them so well until now, can’t keep up with the complexity and risk of global business dynamics. For many, their typical mom-and-pop benefits broker has shepherded them through years of carrier changes, benefits selections, open enrollments, and various ancillary flavor-of-the-month offerings.

It’s a new day for employers who are paying attention. This is not just about shelling out a few bucks for travel medical insurance here and there. You might feel as if you’re herding cats when you start to dig into what risk and exposure mean for your company on the global stage.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have—and how brilliant you’ll look to your stakeholders—when you extend your benefits team beyond the status quo and can meet your organization’s objectives, whether it’s overseas expansion, attracting and retaining talent and/or global benchmarking.

Being an employer of choice: The level-up is in the details.

If you’re pushing the boundaries, you may as well be able to call the shots. Insist on customizing the components of your global benefits strategy to be competitive in your space and to lead as an employer of choice. Imagine being able to customize your benefits by level (e.g., senior leadership vs. all other team members), functional responsibility (e.g., engineers vs. call center reps) and culture.

There are so many nuances when working with different cultures, and it’s your responsibility to understand them or, better yet, have a partner who does. Having in-country boots on the ground to work on your behalf is invaluable. You need a guide who knows what benefits are expected (and aren’t), what coverage is appropriate and how your benefits can complement the statutory coverage provided in that country.

I’ll have my people get with your people.

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into global markets or you’ve been on this road for a while, your service teams must have a deep understanding of insurance, regulatory, cultural, and economic characteristics in each of your served markets.

Find out what it means to have integrated benefits tailored to your needs. The efficiency and effectiveness are well worth the journey. EPIC can help!

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