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How Do Changing Weather Patterns Impact the Property Insurance Market?

EPIC and BMS Group hosted a webinar that took a look into what’s really going on with the weather. Together, we discussed how the insurance market is reacting, and what you can do about it. This webinar also featured insights from BMS Group Senior Meteorologist Andrew Siffert.

  • The Weather – A Holistic Perspective
  • The Insurance Market’s Reaction
  • The U.S. Domestic Market
  • The London, European and Bermudan Markets
  • How to Optimize Your Renewal


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Meet our Speakers



Michael Korn Headshot

Michael Korn
Managing Principal, EPIC

Brendan Osean Headshot

Brendan Osean
Managing Principal, EPIC

Mark Lawson Headshot

Mark Lawson
Managing Director, BMS Group

Andrew Siffert Headshot

Andrew Siffert
Senior Meteorologist, BMS Group

Suzi Morgan Headshot

Suzi Morgan
Director, BMS Group