According to an article in Automotive Fleet, video and dashboard camera technology was mentioned by several companies as a state-of-the-art technology that will greatly influence improved safety for fleet managers in the future. Some actionable information fleets can assess with this technology include alerts and playback on accidents, hard braking, rapid acceleration, distracted driving, traffic signal violations, stop sign violations, tailgating, seat belt compliance, and U-turn violations.

“But the real game changer will lie within technology that enables managers to be proactive about these incidents,” said Horowitz of Samsara. “For example, leveraging sensors that can warn about safety-related events before they happen. Or in-cab alerts that engage a driver if they’re displaying distracted behavior.”

“When powered by AI, smart video solutions can automatically classify events by severity and minimize the burden of even more data on fleet owners and managers of situations by only alerting them to events that require immediate attention,” said Long of Verizon Connect.

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Our Observations

“Incorporating AI into your telematics is just another tool to further enhance and be proactive about your safety program.”

– DeAnna Buck, Captive Power Broker


“Leveraging technology within your fleet is absolutely necessary to compete moving forward in the transportation industry.”

– Maron Impagliazzo, Transportation Power Broker

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