EPIC Entering Second Year With The Department of Defense SkillBridge Program

We have learned a lot in our first year and are just scratching the surface!  We are so grateful to our SkillBridgers and thank them for their service, and their contributions to EPIC. We also want to thank the EPIC teammates who welcome and train our SkillBridgers; we couldn’t do this without you!!

This story isn’t about EPIC, it is about Krystal Pearson.

Please join us in welcoming the impressive Krystal Pearson, who has joined the Southeast Region as an Assistant Account Manager reporting to LaToya Cotton-Robinson.

It was immediately clear that Krystal was determined to make a splash here. She not only studied but completed and passed her licensing test on the first try in the shortest time for any SkillBridger to date at under 30 days.

Krystal spent 13 years in the United States Air Force supervising teams, working with the Inspector General overseeing project budgets of over $9B while supporting operations in the Middle East. If that didn’t keep her busy enough, Krystal is also completing her master’s degree, maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Stephen Adkins was our first call. He has strongly supported our SkillBridge program, and we thought Krystal could be a great addition to his team in the Southeast. He immediately recognized her ambition, drive, energy, and interest in EPIC, and quickly said YES! Krystal has been working with LaToya throughout her apprenticeship, and here is what LaToya said about her now-new employee:

“Although I was initially skeptical due to the added ‘work,’ the SkillBridge program has been a great experience for me and my team!  Krystal has already proven to be an asset as she begins transitioning into her next career. Qualities like always taking the initiative, never being afraid to ask questions, and not shying away from additional tasks/work have been a pleasure to experience, and we are looking forward to seeing how she flourishes both personally and professionally with EPIC.”

Krystal is thrilled to transition to her full-time role with EPIC and said working with LaToya and her team to manage Property & Casualty accounts has been great so far. “This job keeps me very busy, which I am used to and enjoy.” When asked why she wanted to join the EPIC team, Krystal said, “I know insurance is not going away, so I see this as a stable, long-term career opportunity. Also, EPIC’s values align with my military lifestyle, making this a natural transition from my military career. I have experience that ties in well to a career in insurance, and I’m looking forward to working with the team in Duluth.”

When checking in with Stephen Adkins about his experience with SkillBridge and Krystal, he added:

EPIC wholeheartedly supports the Department of Defense SkillBridge Program, and our experience with Krystal has been exceptional. The program has allowed us to contribute to transitioning military members into civilian careers. An additional benefit has been enriching our team with diverse perspectives, leadership skills, and a strong work ethic cultivated through military service. EPIC’s participation underscores our commitment to supporting veterans and leveraging their talents to drive innovation and success within our organization.

Welcome to the EPIC team, Krystal!

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