What is Your Company’s Approach to the COVID-19 Vaccine & Return to Office Plans?

Earlier this year, we released a survey to determine employers’ initial thoughts on how the availability of the vaccine would be addressed in their workforce. At that time, very few companies were requiring inoculation. In light of the recent surge in the Delta Variant, more companies are now rethinking their approach.

Forbes reported that several large tech companies are now going to be requiring vaccinations. Walmart also announced that their corporate staff would be required to be vaccinated and store/warehouse staffers would be incented with a $150 bonus. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also recently updated its mask recommendations, which is causing employers to review their return to office plans.

Based on these new developments, we are again asking for employers’ approach to the vaccine, and whether there is any change to your return to office plans. All who participate will receive a summary of the survey results.