Are You Offering Fertility Benefits?

Fertility benefits range from infertility diagnosis and medication, to IVF and artificial insemination. More expansive plans cover egg freezing, the procurement of donor eggs or embryos, and gestational surrogacy.

It’s that time of year again! Time to make tough calls on where to focus your benefits budget dollars for 2022. Fertility benefits are getting more attention at exactly the time when the Millennial generation is becoming more widespread in the workforce. Not coincidentally, many members of that cohort are now in their prime childbearing years. However, employer coverage of fertility treatments is a mixed bag.

In the wake of 2020, diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) efforts have been center stage for employers as well. A key part of this is inclusive benefits. A fertility benefit impacts many employees, including LGBTQ+ individuals and couples. EPIC is hosting this survey to help you see some of the market trends regarding Fertility Benefits. Upon completing the survey, in addition to the results report, you will also receive a vendor comparison, plan design case studies, and helpful considerations.