EPIC and Epstein Becker Green (EBG) Discuss New York’s Reopening

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Employers must decide how to bring their employees back to work safely and in compliance with ever-evolving legal guidelines. Given the multitude of complex issues impacting the return to work process, including COVID-19 vaccination and related issues, employers have many options to consider regarding what policies to implement and how to enforce those policies.

This webinar addressed several top-of-mind questions, such as:
  • Can employers mandate that employees get vaccinated? If they can, should they?
  • Can employers incentivize employees to get vaccinated? If so, can there be too great of an incentive, so that the incentive becomes coercive?
  • Can employers permit only vaccinated individuals into the office? If they do, what are the pitfalls or risks?
  • Should employees continue to socially distance and wear masks? Must employers continue to require daily attestations?
  • Can employers treat vaccinated and unvaccinated employees differently?
  • Should employers ask employees for vaccination status? Should they require proof? If so, how should employers maintain information related to vaccine status?


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