Is Satisfaction Guaranteed? 

Join EPIC for the Most Comprehensive Research on PBM Customer Satisfaction Hosted by our Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Specialists, PSG.

Pharmaceutical Strategies Group (PSG) joined EPIC earlier this year, bringing to EPIC the expertise and resources of the nation’s largest independent pharmacy benefit consulting firm into the EPIC Employee Benefits Consulting practice.

The PSG team is hosting a webinar May 25 to reveal an exclusive preview of the 2020 PBM Customer Satisfaction Report. Join Sharon Phares, PhD, MPH, Senior Vice President of Research and Data Innovation to unpack the results, which is the latest and most comprehensive customer satisfaction research in the PBM space!

Learn How To:
  • Manage the significant pharmacy benefit investment more effectively with the most in-depth picture of the PBM landscape today
  • Inform crucial decision-making and strategic planning
  • Proactively approach member experience and prepare for success with data-driven insights