25 Strategies & Resources to Delight and Engage Remote Employees

Resources Geared Toward Working Parents:
  • Parental Support Group and Forum
  • Back-Up Childcare Services: In home, virtual and onsite options are available
  • Caregiver Background Checks
  • Parenting Toolkits: Workshops, Classes, and Resources to help parents navigate this year | We love Positive Parenting’s Solution’s Ultimate Survival Guide to an Unpredictable School Year
  • Dependent Care FSA
  • Perks for Employees’ Children, such as monthly fun learning kits tailored to specific ages, donated laptops for online learning, and online camps and classes
Resources That Appeal to All Employees:
  • Technology and Office Furniture Stipend
  • Employee Perk Marketplace: Provide a stipend for employees to select the benefit that most fits their needs
  • In-home exercise and health equipment stipend
  • Concierge Services
Ways to Offer Flexibility:
  • Additional PTO
  • Job Sharing
  • Compressed Workweeks
Resources to Promote Comradery and Team Spirit:
  • Helping Hands Emergency Fund: Company funds initial pool and employees can make additional contributions, or employees can apply for financial assistance due to hardship
  • Virtual “Escape Room”
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt
  • Costume Content: employees submit pictures of Halloween costumes to be included in company virtual photo book distributed to all employees; send candy to participants
Mental Health Resources:
  • Promote Employee Assistance Program Resources
  • Subscription to Mindfulness Mobile App
  • Quiet Hours – No meetings scheduled during daily lunch break or on designated of the week
  • “Mindfulness Mondays” – virtual mindfulness or yoga session
Strategies to Encourage a Return to the Office:
  • Gift cards to restaurant located near office or in office complex
  • Lunch orders through group ordering app
  • Coffee breaks
  • On-sight schoolhouse: create a “pod” environment in empty office space + teacher to oversee online learning
This List Features 25 Ideas for Working Parents, Families, and Individual Employees

Including a Few to Encourage a Return to Work!

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