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Returning employees to an office setting presents a new set of challenges

We recently hosted a client panel on return-to-office (RTO) protocols and considerations. This session was moderated by Bob Simpson, Sr. Director Benefits Solutions Group and Craig Schmidt, Director, Wellness & Health Management, who led a discussion with a panel of our valued clients to get their input on:

  • Incenting and/or mandating vaccines
  • Requiring masks or COVID testing
  • Helping employees with mental health
  • Other challenges impacting their workforce

We also discussed valuable tools and resources that can guide you in creating your own RTO policy and assessing available technology solutions to assist with your returning workforce.



Our Return-to-Office Client Panel:

Pacifica Trucks – Nicole Peek, Human Resources Manager

PURE Insurance – Katherine Richardson, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer

Sequa – Jill Tyson, Director, Benefits

EPIC – Annie Titus, Human Resources Business Partner


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Craig Schmidt

Director, Wellness & Health Management – Concord, CA