Medicare rules are complex and daunting to individuals approaching eligibility age. As employees continue to work past the Medicare-eligible age more frequently, they will need guidance from you to understand their choices and make educated decisions. Your support in facilitating comprehension and complete and accurate enrollments will help them avoid potential future penalties. It’s vital for your employees to know they have somewhere to turn for help.

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When Should You Begin Communicating?

Start the conversation with your employees long before they become Medicare-eligible. Generally, they’ll be able to enroll during their seven-month Initial Enrollment Period, which includes the three months before and the three months after the month of their 65th birthday.

What Should Your Medicare-Eligible Employees Know?

Although an employee may become eligible for Medicare, they can opt to remain on their current health plans. But if an employee chooses to stay on their current employer-provided insurance while Medicare-eligible – particularly an employee considering a Health Savings Account (HSA) option – they must know the rules.

It’s important to communicate the “parts” of Medicare (Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D), supplemental plans (a.k.a Medigap plans), eligibility, enrollment deadlines, possible penalties, HSA rules, and the relationship between the employer plan and Medicare benefits.

How Do You Communicate?

Emails and other electronic communications are effective ways to reach your audience. Consider sending Medicare enrollment facts, tips, and important contact information multiple times before they begin to age into Medicare eligibility.

Direct mail is another option. Consider sending an announcement mailer, a deadline mailer, and a reminder mailer to your eligible employees. Take into consideration high-volume times of the year or other occurrences that may require more lead time for mailings – for example, election years like 2020.

Lending support and guidance through your communications is necessary for building trust with your employees and providing them with accurate information.

The EPIC Employee Benefits team will hold two live “Medicare 101” webinars this month covering the many significant changes that took place to the rules in 2020, and experts will be ready to answer your questions. We encourage individuals and human resources teams to attend!


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