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Are Your Employees Managing Their Mental Health? 
Take a fresh approach to the behavioral health needs of your workforce.

The events of the past two years have brought to the forefront emotional wellbeing challenges that employees and employers had been quietly dealing with for years. Many of us were left without the traditional social and emotional safety nets we’d relied upon in the past, while managing through additional life stressors.

As a result of the well-documented “mental health epidemic,” you can no longer relegate behavioral health to the last two pages of the benefits guide. Employees are increasingly looking to \employers to proactively provide tools and resources to address emotional wellbeing. Employers that aren’t providing this support find themselves facing employee burnout, turnover, and disengagement.

Employers that don’t provide this support face employee burnout, disengagement, and turnover. As a result, productivity suffers as does your bottom line.

EPIC can help you build a roadmap to identify your employees’ needs and provide the resources to help them – and you – thrive.

In this webinar, we’ll provide:
  • Assessment tools
  • Strategies & resources
  • Ideas for wellbeing conversations
  • Effective communication strategies
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Get to Know Our Speakers

Suzannah Gill, JD
EPIC Benefits Strategy Consultant and a former ERISA attorney

Suzannah is at the forefront of benefits trends and strategies. She provides resources and guidance to her clients to position themselves as employers of choice with well-managed benefit plans.

Suzannah was named one of Employee Benefits Advisor’s 20 Rising Stars in Benefits Advising in 2018, was featured in BenefitsPro Magazine as a “Face of Change” also in 2018, and was selected as a member of the prestigious Health Rosetta Advisor program. She is a regular author and speaker in industry publications and conferences, including the International Symposium of Certified Employee Benefits Specialists, SHRM, the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism, NAAAHR, EBA’s Workplace Renaissance, BenefitsPro Magazine, Employee Benefits Advisor, and Employee Benefits News.

Craig Schmidt
EPIC Director, Wellness and Health Management Solutions

Craig collaborates with a team of other like-minded wellness professionals to create a healthier working environment for the members and clients EPIC serves. He has a strong background in health education, health promotion, and brings a passion for innovative work-health solutions.

Mike Shepherd
EPIC Director, National Practice Leader, Change & Communication

Mike leads the development of HR and benefits communication/change strategies for a wide variety of clients across all industries. Along with successful employee engagement best practices, Mike offers 20+ years of experience in the design, funding, and administration of health care benefits programs.