Overall State of the Cyber Insurance Market

Recording Available!

EPIC and Corvus hosted a webinar to discuss the overall state of the cyber insurance market. Our partner, Corvus, is a tech startup team with insurance DNA. The team has decades of experience in commercial insurance and decades more building and growing technology-enabled companies.

Play the recording to hear from underwriters, data scientists, product builders and engineers united by a mission to make the world a safer place by helping schools mitigate or eliminate the impact of adverse events.

This Webinar Covered:
  1. COVID & Digital Transformation-Induced Trends
  2. Cyber Threat Landscape for K-12 / Education
  3. Ransomware by the numbers
  4. BEC / Social Engineering by the Numbers
  5. Supplier Risk Management / 3rd Party Risk


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It is all about achieving common goals together, and those goals are to protect our schools and their most valuable assets. Our focus is creating strategies that cover school property, children, teachers, course of construction, and active assailant threats. We work hand in hand with you to develop the best plans and programs and are here to help manage incidents should they occur.

Our Education Practice serves Charter Schools, Private Schools, Public Schools, and Universities.

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