During hurricane season, now is when your property insurance program placed by EPIC becomes more important than ever. We are providing several links for your consideration and use to properly address any potential loss you may incur.

It is imperative that you report losses to your insurance carrier or EPIC as soon as possible after a loss occurs. Please keep the downloadable Hurricane Preparedness Checklist on hand in the event of or during a catastrophe.

Be Aware of Hazards

The first step in being prepared is understanding your surroundings and knowing what to do when disaster strikes. Going through a checklist before bad weather arrives can reduce damage and improve your safety and well-being.

When Danger Strikes

When a hurricane and/or strong winds take their toll, contact your emergency response organization and make them aware of damage once it is safe to do so.

  1. Survey for damage among your property and take pictures. If you find damage, try to cover broken windows and damaged roofs to prevent further damage
  2. Look for serious safety hazards including live electrical wires, gas leaks, flammable liquids, toxic materials and damage to foundations or underground piping
  3. Restore water supplies if they were shut off to enable the fire protection system
  4. Keep in contact with key emergency personnel and maintain fire-safe conditions

Report Your Claim

When reporting a claim, be prepared with the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your Policy Number
  • Date and time of loss
  • Address of loss
  • Cause of loss, if known
  • Nature and extent of the property damage
  • Estimated dollar loss, if known

EPIC is here to help you through this process in every way we can. A list of insurance carrier phone numbers for purposes of reporting claims can be found here. You can also call the EPIC toll-free number with after-hours claim emergencies.

Regularly check storm information from the National Hurricane Center.