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Reducing on-the-job accidents. Improving injury management. Lowering costs while safeguarding your workforce. These are all equally important factors in creating, implementing, and adapting your casualty liability program. Our advanced analytics and tailored recommendations will help you drive safe behavior, reduce absenteeism, and improve financial performance.

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Casualty Liabilities Reduction

We evaluate opportunities in injury prevention, management, and resolution in order to recommend custom solutions. Because our conversation extends beyond risk management, we welcome input from other stakeholders. This 360-degree approach can reduce both the frequency and severity of claims.

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Use targeted awareness campaigns to reduce costly, unsafe behavior

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Decrease medical spend by optimizing your managed care program

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Accelerate claims closure using advanced analytics and custom scoring

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Liabilities Reduction: Workers’ Compensation

We combine analytics strategy, claims management, and process enhancements to achieve actuarial reductions and collateral cost improvements. After setting a target cost goal, we work with you and your third-party partners to develop injury resolution tactics that optimize cost containment and expedite claim closures.

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Claims Closure: Workers’ Compensation

Using custom scoring tools, we identify and resolve claims with the greatest opportunity for closure throughout your entire inventory, not just legacy. The results are longstanding, as we partner with your third-party carrier(s) to identify risks at their root cause and improve future claims handling.

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Financial Benefits

On average, our clients can benefit from:

  • Lower collateral – up to 16% typical reduction
  • Reduced premiums and claims costs
  • Reduced presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Shorter recuperation times improve productivity

4 Simple Steps to Closure Success

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Our proprietary analytic tools are applied to the entire claim inventory, not just the legacy claims

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Claims present different opportunities and the closure score is based on each claim’s unique profile

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The claim inventory is prioritized by the closure score, where a higher score represents a greater opportunity to mitigate cost and bring the claim to closure

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Frequently recurring opportunities are addressed with the client, third-party administrator/carrier and claim partners to improve the process at the root cause to enhance future handling

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